Weaving Paper

Weaving Paper

Carter is 3 years, 3 months old.

You will need:

Square of stiff, white paper
4 more strips of colored paper
Small Container

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: mark a ¾ inch border inside the paper.  Cut out alternating strips from inside the border so that you’re left with a frame containing 4 vertical bars of paper. Cut the colored strips and place them in the container.

1.               Pick up a strip of paper and weave it through the paper bars until you reach the end.

2.              Weave two strips, then invite your child to weave the remaining.  Pull out the strips if your child wishes to repeat.

Conclusion: Carter was not down with the weaving.  This one strip of paper was his only attempt.  He said it was too hard.

C: This is for adults only, Mommy.
Me: It’s for children, too.
C: Well, maybe when I’m 5 I can do it.
Me: Would you like to put it away and try something else?
C: Yes.

So we did.

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