Making Weather Words

This is probably my favorite activity from this month.  I got the idea from Counting Coconuts and made it my own.

One of the most amazing Montessori materials (in my humble opinion) is the Moveable Alphabet.  When your child is ready to start working with forming words, beginning sounds, ending sounds and so much more this is an excellent tool to use with your child.  We don’t yet have a Moveable Alphabet, so I thought this idea of using PlayDoh letter stamps was a great way to begin to teach Carter a few of the weather words from this month.

The materials were pretty simple to bring together.  I found the PlayDoh backpack locally, and it includes the letters, numbers and 4 tubs of PlayDoh.  I gave him a few days to play and explore with all the materials before bringing the letters over for this activity.  I printed my own word cards using free clip art from the internet.  This has been a big hit with Carter.  He will literally sit and make word after word, which takes a good bit of time and concentration.  I’m seeing him sound out the word as he ads each letter.

Enjoy and thank you for your comments!


Making a Rainbow

Pouring water

To explore Carter’s interest in rainbows a little more, I came up with this simple activity for him to be able to make his own (while working those fine muscles and following a process at the same time).

Included on this tray is: a bottle of water, 4 plastic bowls, a basket with coffee filters cut in half to make rainbow shapes (the really big ones would work better but I wasn’t able to find them), a dropper and an old dark-colored kitchen towel (for absorbing extra water through the filter).  Food coloring drops were also used, but this was a mommy only materials because of their clothes staining properties.

As with all his activities, I first let him watch me go through the process.  I took the materials off of the tray, spread out the towel, laid out a coffee filter, added a few drops of coloring to each bowl, poured each cup half full of water and used the dropper to drop colors onto the towel.  Then, I modeled how to clean it all up before letting Carter give it a try.


The last activity we did with water was Pouring.  I made the mistake of walking away for a few minutes to use the restroom.  When I returned, he was attempting to pour all the colored water back into the bottle resulting in a pretty big mess.  My go-to reaction would be “NOOOO! Don’t do that.”  But, I’m reading and learning more about the Montessori method all the time.  If a child doesn’t reach mastery, correction and drawing attention to their mistakes is not appropriate.  Instead I helped him clean up and told him that we would try it again on another day, making a note of what steps to demonstrate again the next time he chooses to make a rainbow.

Enjoy and thank you for your comments!

Ordering By Size

I saw this activity for purchase on a website, but it looked easy enough to make on my own.  I made 6 different weather shapes in 4 different sizes for an ordering by size activity.

The cards

This activity can be carried out in two ways.  The first that I’m starting with is to put each shape in order from smallest to largest. For younger children, use only 3 sizes and add the fourth after they have no problems with ordering 3.

Order by size

After ordering has been mastered, these cards can also be sorted by size in 4 groups – all the large shapes together, all the smallest shapes together, etc.  I love it when materials do double duty!

Enjoy and thank you for your comments!