Back on the Wagon

There’s nothing like falling off the homeschooling wagon and then finding a way to hop back on. One key truth that I read in Teaching Montessori in the Home by Elizabeth Hainstock is that there will be days that you will not be able to work with your child. It simply won’t happen. But, she encourages you to never let that deter you from starting again.

I can say that we greatly enjoyed our time away for Thanksgiving. Though it didn’t FEEL like Thanksgiving, New Smyrna beach in November does feel like one of the most relaxing ad beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The three of us enjoyed our first vacation as a family. I admit, I was majorly pouting when we had to come out of our vacation bubble and go to the family Thanksgiving feast. It also turned out to be a great time seeing family that we only get to spend time with once every 2 years when the family Thanksgiving rolls around. It’s awesome that they all make the effort to get there each time despite the miles and miles they have to travel from all over the US.

Here are a few of the highlights:

A little time to read.  My favorite.

The beach.  We had it nearly to ourselves the entire time.

The pool.  It was heated.  And nearly private.

Getting the whole family together.