What Parents Want

I guess I can’t generalize this for “all” parents, but I can say for myself that I want so much for my sons (the 3 1/2 year old AND the one to be born in August).  I read this article from the Wall Street Journal (“The Montessori Mafia”: the title just cracks me up!) and thought it did a nice job of showing and reproving to me why I do what I do each day for my children.  Sure, I would LOVE to put him in a school where he was surrounded by endless resources, Montessori materials and trained Montessori teachers.  But, this journey to learn and discover and implement all I can about this method of learning is no doubt worth it.  We can do this right here at home.

The characteristics that were mentioned in this article are ones that I would love for my child to possess:  following his curiosity, knowing the joy of discovering things on his own, questioning the world around him, being self-motivated, learning on his own terms.

“…most highly creative achievers don’t begin with brilliant ideas, they discover them.”

Be encouraged.  Just know that the efforts you put forth to teach your child means so much more that you or I could ever know.  It is worth it all.


Linkable Links

Since I’m new to this whole “Montessori in the home” thing, I’m always looking for new resources and insights to help me in the process.  Here are some great articles I’ve put my eyeballs on this week from a new site I’ve discovered called Montessori for Everyone.

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