April Sensory Materials

Have you ever enjoyed taking off your shoes and walking in the grass?  Or sitting on the beach running your hands through the sand?  An easy and inexpensive way to engage your child’s senses and exploration is through an individual sensory tub.  One of the key elements in a Montessori environment is a child’s exposure to sensorial experiences, those things which engage the senses in a way that allows them to explore and discover the world around them.

This month I tried my first sensory tub.  It’s meant to be like a mini garden for Carter to explore.

Our tub contains:  a variety of dried beans (large and small limas, black eyed peas, black beans), sunflower seeds, smooth stones, mini terra cotta pots, plastic flowers and greenery and a butterfly.  I added tongs and a small rake for him to “cultivate” his garden.  

It’s been a big hit so far.  He has to show his garden to everyone who visits.

I also made sound eggs for Carter to match up.  Inside the eggs are: kosher salt, mini beads, pony beads, large buttons and google eyes.  He spreads them out on the table, locates matches by shaking the eggs and puts them back into the carton after the matches are found.

Enjoy and thank you for your comments!