Cutting with Scissors

Cutting with Scissors

Carter is 3 years, 3 months old.

You will need:

Pair of scissors
8 ½ X 11 sheet of stiff paper
Container for the clippings


BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Cut the paper into 5 strips, widthwise. Mark a straight line down the center of each strip. Put them in the container with the scissors.

1.         Pick up the scissors and show your child how to hold them. Demonstrate the open and closing action of the scissors.

2.         Show your child how to cut slowly, following the line.

3.         Move the paper along while you are cutting to show how this helps with the cutting process.  Exaggerate the open and closing process.

4.         Put the scissors back into the container and invite your child to try.

Conclusion:  Carter is not an experienced cutter.  When he was younger, I taught him how to tear paper to make collages.  Since then he’s had no interest in scissors.  This has been FINE with me.  I credit it to his not having chopped off any locks of hair to this point.  But, I know that it’s important and must be learned.  The photos above do no justice for just how LONG it took him to cut one single piece.  I took a short video of the end of the process just so you can see.

At what age did you teach your child to start using scissors?  Did you have any scissor disasters?

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