My $2 Spindle Box

In my monthly trip to the dollar store to hunt down potential materials, I was THRILLED to find this funky little ice cube tray.  I counted the compartments and with 10, they became the perfect spindle box to use with Carter.  I also found a bag of 200 Easter foam sticker shapes.  The ducks became the numerals needed for the ice cube tray to spindle box transformation.  55 toothpicks became the spindles.  (Note: the Montessori spindle box goes from 0-9)

I work with only my son and I know that he can identify the numbers 1-10.  However, if you aren’t sure, make sure that your child can identify the numerals before moving forward with counting the spindles.  The control of error with this activity is that there are exactly the right number of spindles needed to fill the compartments.  If your child reaches the end and does not have enough or has spindles left over, an error was made.  Happy counting!

Enjoy and thank you for your comments!


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