I have been watching Carter, trying to decide what direction we should go in during the month of April to capture his interest.  I had a few ideas, but nothing solid until a few days ago.  This video gives you a little peek into our jammie-filled Saturday mornings.  I have to laugh when I watch this because Carter and I were both struggling with allergy issues and sound so funny when we talk to each other.

Carter received a package from his Uncle Chad who lives in New York City.  He sent him 5 varieties of REALLY interesting tomato seeds.  In a few days we’ll plant them in trays so they will sprout, then move them to a larger pot.

Along with our planting, the area where we live will be full of flowers and trees that will be growing and ready to explore during the month of April.  And, my favorite thing will happen: strawberries will be ready to pick!

I’ve already found a lot of great resources and activity ideas that I’ll be sharing with you throughout the month.

Happy April and Happy Spring!

Enjoy and thanks for your comments!


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