March Language and Pre-Writing Materials

Water Cycle Mini-Book

I love this little book for Carter!  It follows the journey of a raindrop throughout the water cycle.  We started reading it once a day this past Saturday.  When it began raining yesterday he made the connection and said, “I guess the water got too heavy to stay in the cloud.”  That one innocent sentence out of my son’s mouth is just a small example of what makes all this worth it to me.  It’s the “thanks” that he would never think to say on his own.

I printed this book from the weather unit on KidsSoup, cut it apart, made a front and a back cover out of construction paper, got it laminated, punched holes and used book rings to hold it all together.  |Let me just insert here a little promo for KidsSoup – yes, it requires a membership fee.  But, it’s $25/year, which boils down to just over $2/month.  That is peanuts for all you get: printable activities, mini-books, art ideas, book ideas, poetry.  If I were to put Carter in Montessori school, it would cost $400/month.  For that, I can do a lot for a lot less (considering I work for free!).|


Pre-Writing Sheets

Before children can write, they must first build the muscles in their fingers.  They do this through coloring, tracing, gripping a writing tool and manipulating small objects.  These weather-themed sheets were printed from KidsSoup and ask Carter to trace the raindrops and umbrellas in the first one and to trace the letters of the color words in the second (in the correct color, which Carter didn’t do the first time, as you can see).  Rather than printing multiples copies for repeat use, I had them laminated.  Carter can write on them and then wipe it off to do again later.


Matching - Weather and Clothing

These Matching cards were printed from KidsSoup, but I later found a free version based on the seasons from Montessori for Everyone that I like even better.  I love that they always use photographs of real images rather than illustrations.  Many of their materials are on my Wish List!

Enjoy and thank you for your comments!


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