March Math Materials

As I mentioned, we’ve done a little rearranging of our school materials.  Here’s our activity shelf that resides in the dining room.

Our Montessori activity shelf

I’ve never been totally sold as a theme or unit teacher, but I do think it’s fun for children if their materials are loosely based around a theme.  In the activities that I show, you’ll see some things that stick with the weather theme and some that stray.

Also, with a single shelf to hold activities, there will be a rotation.  Right now I have out 8 activities, but that will need to rotate at least once to hold Carter’s interest.

After our circle time each day, we spend about 30 minutes on the activities that Carter chooses for his Work Time.  Because it is up to him to get out the activity, set it up, follow through with it entirely and then clean it up, we generally have time to do 3 each day.

These are the math materials on our shelves right now.

Cloud Number Cards

For this activity, Carter first has to put the cloud cards (numbered 1-10) in order.  Then, under each cloud, he places the correct number of counters.  The counters and the small treasure box were purchased at Lobby for super cheap.  I used this cloud clip art and layered numbers over them.  This is the .pdf that I created and you are welcome to print it and use it personally.  I also printed another copy of this so that I can switch it out and use both copies as a memory/matching game later in the month.

Rainbow Counting Game

This game is played by rolling the die, counting the dots, then adding that number to the board.  Carter continues until the board is full, then he has to roll and subtract the number rolled until the board is clear.  If you’d like to make this game or a version of it, this is the rainbow clip art.  This is the .pdf that I created and printed to make the game board.  I thought the green beads looked a lot like shamrocks or green flowers.  I made the die by drawing dots on a wooden cube.  I found the clear box at Sta.ples.

Enjoy and thank you for your comments!



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