Learning to Use Clothespins

Learning to Use Clothespins

Carter is 3 years, 3 months old.

You will need:

Small basket filled with clothespins


1.               Place the basket on the table and attach a few of the clothespins around the edge of the basket.

2.               Demonstrate how to pinch the clothespin fully open in order to fit onto the basket.

3.               Pass the basket to your child to complete.

Frustration in opening the clothespins

Pure JOY when it finally worked

Completed Work

4.               When finished, show how to remove them and put them back into the basket.

Conclusion:  This activity started off with much frustration for Carter.  He was making some angry sounds at the clothespins as they would snap shut on the way to the edge of the basket.  But, he stayed with it and it got easier as he went.  I really enjoy how these activities are teaching him this skill of sticking with a task even though it may be difficult at first.  When he finally started getting the clothespins to stay open long enough to clip them on the basket, his face would be full of joy and pride in himself.  I walked away to take a phone call while he worked on this.  He was so quiet, I wondered if he had walked away.  A few minutes later he brought the basket with them all clipped to the edges and we celebrated his success together.  We have yet to make it to Step 4.  He doesn’t want to take them off now.

These activities are here for sharing.  If you like it, (say so, then) grab the link and pass it on.  It’s the highest form of bloggy love! ♥



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