Water Drops on Wax Paper

Water Drops on Wax Paper

Carter is 3 years, 3 months old.

You will need:

Food Coloring
Wax Paper
Cookie Sheet


1.                Draw small (dime size) circles on a length of wax paper with a Sharpie.

I put another step in here:  I let Carter practice sucking the water up into the dropper and squirting it out into the bowl for a while before he tried it on the wax paper.

Learning to Use a Dropper

2.                Show your child how to release one drop into each circle on the paper.  Then, suck the drops back up and put them into the cup.

3.                 Invite your child to try.

Sucking up the Water

Dropping the water into the circles

Conclusion: The was a VERY difficult fine motor activity, though Carter stuck with it for more than 30 minutes.  It took him a few tries making the drops before he could get a small enough amount to come out.  He was fascinated with sucking the water back up off of the wax paper, laughing hysterically each time he did it.  I LOVE the look of concentration on the last photo.

These activities are here for sharing.  If you like it, (say so, then) grab the link and pass it on.  It’s the highest form of bloggy love! ♥


3 thoughts on “Water Drops on Wax Paper

  1. Beth says:

    Wow! What a great activity and something that would be madness to do with a class full of children so it’s great that you get to do it one on one with Carter! I’m enjoying seeing all your activities. 🙂

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