I decided to do this activity on the floor of Carter’s bedroom this morning since this is the place where I always fold his clothes.  I began with a basket on the floor stocked with the 2 handkerchiefs, 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts. He was instantly interested and reached into the basket to get started.


Carter is 3 years, 2 months old.

You will need:

Old Handkerchiefs or fabric squares
Red marker
A ruler
Several pieces of your child’s clothes
Large basket to put the clothes in



1.                Mark a handkerchief with a vertical and horizontal line.

2.                Place the handkerchief flat on the table. Fold it on the marker lines. Open the handkerchief and pass it to your child.

3.                Repeat, using a handkerchief with no marker lines.

4.          Fold the clothes. Take one piece out at a time and fold in a consistent way so your child can copy.

Conclusion: First, I think I purchased the wrong size handkerchief.  These were HUGE.  Carter couldn’t fold them over without standing up or laying over it.  In his attempts, he mostly ended up with a blob of handkerchief and his frustration was evident.  We tried folding a much smaller piece and it seemed to go better, so I went on to folding pants, which seemed the easiest of all the clothing choices. It still frustrated him, so we stopped.

This activity was a little too difficult for Carter.  It seems like a light touch is needed for this and that’s tough for him.  I’ll definitely bring it back at a later time.

These activities are here for sharing.  If you like it, (say so, then) grab the link and pass it on.  It’s the highest form of bloggy love! ♥



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