One of the books I’m currently reading and planning from suggests that the Practical Life activities should be done first with children beginning Montessori.  Helping out is something that excites young children.  To them, it is not work.  To them, involvement is a privilege. Also, the practical life lessons are said to be a big help and an important foundation for future Montessori learning.


Carter is 3 years, 2 months old.

You will need:

Dusty furniture
Dusting Cloth
Dusting Oil


1.               Carefully take materials off of surface to be dusted and place them on the floor.


2.               Spray cloth once with dusting oil.

3.               Dust surface in circles, careful to reach to back of surface and each corner.

4.          Place materials back on surface where they were originally.

Conclusion: Carter’s interest in helping was huge!  He continued his work dusting all the wooden furniture in the entire house.  I enjoyed listening to him repeat the steps to himself with each new piece of furniture.  We referred to the dusting cloth and wood oil as his “tools” for the job.  Each time he moved to a new piece of furniture, he would say, “I better bring my tools!”

These activities are here for sharing.  If you like it, (say so, then) grab the link and pass it on.  It’s the highest form of bloggy love! ♥



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